RNLI 10km Reindeer Run 4th December 2011

RNLI 10km Reindeer Run

RNLI - Sense the Adventure

So after the marathon I’ve decided to work on my pace. It’s Sunday morning and the rain is coming down along with some strong winds, I’m just about to start the RNLI 10km run in Marlay Park.

Daithi O’Shea is just about to start the race when I realise I’m right up the front…. usually I start mid pack but anyway we’re off and I start off with two lads and one lassie in a blistering pace, after about 600 metres the two lads begin to move slightly away from me as the first km is a steady climb. We’re about 800 metre’s in and no-one has passed me! I’ve just passed the first girl. I say to myself, let’s try finish in the top 15 and I’d be well happy with that. The trail takes us up past the dog area in Marlay. After the dog area the trail levels out. 2km in and I’ve got two lads running with me, one makes a comment that the race started early and with that he takes off in pursuit of the leading men. I just keep my pace up and I’m joined by another competitor. We begin moving swiftly downhill towards the children’s playground and around the tennis courts at the back of Marlay. We soon cut through the middle of the Park and we’re again moving quickly down towards the main house in Marlay Park.

Gareth Presch strides on in the RNLI 10km Reindeer Run

Gareth Presch strides on in the RNLI 10km Reindeer Run

We come over the half way mark and we’re at 20mins and 30 seconds, not a bad pace, I’m hoping the second lap we can go slightly quicker. I’ve now got a name from my companion, “Alan”. We begin to push each other and it’s great, I certainly wouldn’t be running at this pace if I was on my own. My plan was for a sub 45min time. We get up past the 6km mark and then it levels off again, I’m just looking forward to the down hill section that’s coming around the bend. We’re pushing hard at this point and I’m thinking to myself, a group is going to come by me any minute now! 8km in and I’m beginning to feel the pace but I keep it going as we come through the trees of the park and move again towards Marlay House. Alan shouts, “1km”, I’m thinking thank god!  I’m also thinking we might actually break the 40min mark. I keep pushing and then I see the finish line, Alan shouts again, “There’s the finish line”, all I can think is thank god!!! We sprint for the line and we cross the line together, my wife Krista is cheering and comes straight over to congratulate us and informs me that I’m 5th. I check my time, 40mins 50 seconds. Didn’t break the 40 minute barrier but it’s a PB for myself. I shake Alan’s hand at the finish line and thank him for pushing me all the way around. No doubt I’d have finished a few minutes slower if we hadn’t been racing!

It’s the Santa Dash next Sunday in full costume on Clontarf beach.


Gareth- Presch- Sense the Adventure

Gareth- Presch

Gareth Presch

December 2011


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