Moxie Adventure Challenge – Go Moxie 2012.

Moxie Adventure Challenge starts and ends in Tulfarris House on the shores of the Blessington Lakesand includes: 1.5K Kayak, 30K Cycle and 8K Hill run.
The Day in The Garden, includes fun for adults and children, takes place alongside the adventure challenge and as competitors cross the finish line they are rejoined by friends
and family for food and beverages.

Film created by Tony St Ledger for Sense the Adventure.

Join visiting International Adventure Racers from UK, France, and South Africa…the Irish National Adventure Team as they prepare for the World series… and 1,500 other Irish
adventurers for the challenge of the season.The Moxie Adventure course design is a joint collaboration between Total Experience the Irish events management business run by adventure racers and specialist Moxie course consultant Bruce Duncan Team adidas TERREX the elite International Adventure racer.

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